The Race They Ask You to Take Your Time Running

Almost six years ago, my heart began to pulse in a different way. It was nothing a doctor could see, but instead something those close to me witnessed on a daily basis. My junior year of college, God allowed my heart to beat to the passions of missions and since then it has only grown stronger and more powerful.

I first stepped foot into Belize during a cultural placement I had signed up for through my education degree at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The month and a half I spent there grew and shaped me more than my small Americanized brain could have ever imagined. I had been on mission trips before but none of them had ever been quite like this and it was then that I realized my heart would never be full again living the “American Dream” in small town Ohio.

Since going to Belize I have gone on many other trips outside and inside the country. I have been placed in all kinds of settings, in my comfort zone and out of it. But I have always felt like God was leading to see a bigger picture. I graduated college and waited for God to tell me when it was the right time to take me out into the rest of the world. I began to hear Him calling in the fall of 2017. I looked into the Adventures in Missions organization previously, but I did not feel as sure about it as I did in that moment. But I sat down and started my application.

Adventure in Mission is a nonprofit organization that allows individuals the opportunity to serve and to be the hands and feet of Christ all around the world. The route that I chose was a program for adults ages 21-35 to serve in 11 different countries over the course of 11 months.  I submitted the intensive application, and it was followed up by 4 rigorous interviews. Finally, I got an acceptance call. God had shown, and continues to show, his hands in every step of this journey. He has provided in the craziest of ways! Even an opportunity such as this; to guest blog for someone who doesn’t know me incredibly well but believes in what I am doing!

I continue to stand in awe, and to be absolutely amazed, at all God has done for me. He provided through others in order to make this mission possible for me. He continues to open doors and windows into opportunities and experiences that have already taught me so much. I have learned and experienced more in the last year than I ever thought possible. The craziest part is this is just the beginning!

Over the course of the next year, I will be serving alongside others in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. My team will partner with organizations, churches, and other nonprofits in the countries to meet their most immediate needs during our time there. As you can imagine, there is so much that goes into a trip like this, which includes quite the price tag. As God has already provided SO much I am still praying that he will lay on some hearts to donate and help me reach my fund-raising goals needed for travel, gear, and other expenses.

If you would like to follow along in my journey, join me in praying for my team as well as those we will come in contact with, or possibly even partner with me financially you can stay connected through my trip blog God has some incredible things planned, not only in these countries but also in my life and the lives of all those who partner in sharing his gospel all around the world.

Christy Gray lives in Mount Vernon and just quit teaching special education at the public high school. She works part-time as a yoga instructor teaching varies levels of classes as well as working with sports teams and individuals. She has two rescue dogs, Sampson and Titus. They spend all of their free time outdoors backpacking, camping, hiking, and horseback riding. To learn more about her, stay up to date with her mission work, and to donate, please click here

Christy Gray
June 27, 2018


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