Telling Real Stories of a Real God – Guest Post by Brad Pauquette

Guest post by Brad Pauquette, CEO of Columbus Press, author of  Sejal: The Walk for Water.

I personally selected The Husband for publication with Columbus Press. I also served as the developmental editor on the project, working with Aaron through a serious overhaul process to shape the book that was eventually produced from his raw manuscript.

One of the best things about being a small press is that we don’t have to push a high volume of titles out each year, yet we still have a huge pool of submissions from which to choose. It’s a buyer’s market. That means that we can choose carefully, be patient and pick the perfect projects that we want to work on.

The Husband by Aaron Daniel BehrWe chose The Husband for publication because the manuscript exhibits an incredible vulnerability. It’s dark and it’s hard, but it’s an exceptional book. I believe in a real God who presides in authority over a real world. He meets us in our brokenness, in our darkness, and redeems us. That’s the story that Aaron Daniel Behr tells.

We don’t have to get right to get to God. We have to get to God to get right. And The Husband brings that reality to the page.

The Husband isn’t a Christian book. And that’s what makes it powerful. The reader’s acceptance of the story isn’t contingent upon their acceptance of the narrator’s faith or theology. This is a story about a real man and a real woman in a real and broken world. Of course God is a part of that story.

After working with Aaron through the developmental and production process, I can firmly attest that he is giving this book to God. He is serious in his conviction to serve God and serve others through the telling of this story.  Serving God drives him to put his own secrets, vulnerabilities and sins in the public eye.

The greatest compliment that we’ve heard from readers is that they read the book in one sitting. So many people have told us that they sat down to read for a few minutes, and couldn’t put it down.  That’s the power of a story well-told. And God is revealed in every reading.

About the Author

Brad Pauquette - AuthorBrad Pauquette is the CEO of Columbus Publishing Lab, the owner of Columbus Press and the director of Columbus Creative Cooperative. He has consulted with clients at every level of the production process from New York Times Bestselling Authors to Professional Athletes, with lots of stay-at-home parents, accountants and computer programmers in between.

Brad is the author of several books including Sejal: The Walk for Water and The Self-Publishing Handbook, as well as the editor of many collections, including the Best of Ohio Short Stories anthologies.

Brad lives on a small, all-natural farm in Zanesville, OH with his wife and four children.  Learn more about Brad at

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