The Prayer that Got Me Through April – Guest Post by Chris Sumlin

Guest post by Chris Sumlin, author of Dealing with This Thing Called College and Dealing with This Thing Called Life.

Justin Timberlake It's Gonna Be MayAlas! We are in a new month. My social media timelines have been full of Justin Timberlake memes celebrating the dawn of May. As I reflect on the future that lies ahead, I must admit that April was a phenomenal month. In this past month, I finished up my first year of graduate school, got in better shape and made some great memories. It is no surprise that April was as good as it was because it was in this month that I started a new praying style.

Prayer for me is defined as, “communication between the creator (God) and me (the Created). Prayer can take place in the shower, while walking through the neighborhood or as many people pray, on your knees. At the end of March I decided that in April I would no longer ask God for anything in prayer but rather thank Him for his perfect plan manifesting in my life.

Instead of “God bless me with the finances I need for…” it was “Thank you God for providing provisions”. Instead of “God bless me with real friends,” it was, “Thank You God that you are allowing the right friends to come into my life.”

Oprah once said, “In life, you don’t get what you want, because when you ask for what you want, you live in the space of what you don’t have.”

After testing this theory I can say with certainty that since thanking rather than asking in my prayers, my life has reached a new peak. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has popularized the statement,  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” As spiritual beings it is so important that we grow and try new things that satisfy our spirits. I invite you to implement the practice of thanking God for fulfilling your needs with expectancy rather than asking for them with a spirit of scarcity.

As we enter May I challenge you for the next thirty days to  try this new praying style and watch your life change.

Be Inspired.


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Dealing with This Thing Called College by Chris SumlinChris Sumlin is the author of two inspiring books: Dealing with this Thing Called Life and Dealing with This Thing Called College. Both were published by Boyle & Dalton, and are available wherever books are sold.

Chris is a graduate student at Boston University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and has interned for both FOX and BET.

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