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A few months ago, I found myself beset by a weekend filled with lonely activities such as whittling or stitching, I decided to break the monotony with the show “Ozark”. For those of you are unfamiliar with Ozark, it’s Jason Bateman in yet another straight guy sitcom serialized and surrounded by crazies. Not really. It’s about the drug cartel.

I must confess that I find the subject frightfully dull. After “Requiem for a Dream”, I’m kind of over watching addicts destroy their lives story. Everything post that seems like a cheep gaff. However, it’s interesting to see the rabbit hole nature of sin.

Interestingly enough, Ozark is not the typical show in its narrow genre. The pilot begins with plenty of conflict, tension, and plot development to carry the entire season. The cinematography is brilliant along with the musical score. While Jason Bateman isn’t playing a role too challenging for him, he does it so well.

I found myself believing all the characters and their intentions, aside from the wife and a dude in prison. But I overlooked it because I wanted to believe in these characters.

If I can make a major criticism it would ne that the writer’s are too smart. Stupid side characters become one-dimensional caricatures while uneducated yet intelligent regular folk sound like they’ve been reading Shakespeare and Dickens their entire life. This isn’t bad but often jarring. Also, it seemed as if every episode a main character called out a villain’s bluff. It became an overused trope for exposition drops. It could have been worse.

Overall, I would say this show is good. There’s nothing landmark or ground breaking about it, but it earned two thumbs up, for whatever that’s worth. The point is that it’s binge worth, a solid first outing, and I hope to see Jason Bateman in the director’s chair. He was fantastic in the plot.

Readers are warned; the show contains violence, language, and nudity. However, it does show the slippery slope of sins. While Bateman’s character started off with good intentions and got wrapped into someone else’s schemes, he still continues to solve sin with sin. He has a good spirit. He is trying to take care of his family. It’s just without God, it’s as if he and the plot are running on smooth ice.

by Aaron Daniel Behr
Mount Vernon, Ohio
November 16, 2016



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