The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr
The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr

Abuser. Worthless. Narcissist.

Insults play on repeat in The Husband's brain. He has been bullied and abused. An affair by The Wife, the one person The Husband loved the most, leaves him standing in a dark basement with a homemade noose around his neck.

As The Husband struggles silently through the anguish of betrayal and divorce, he turns inward to face a host of past tormentors and confront The Creator. One way or another, The Boy inside him will stop the pain.

This book will change the way you see VICTIMS.

5 Star Reviews

Critics and readers alike love this award-winning novel:

"The Husband is addictive. Aaron Daniel Behr throws the reader into a raw world of strong emotion and even stronger faith. Only Jesus could take this story of heartbroken despair and transform it into such a deeply moving, redemptive work."

motivational speaker and author of Organizing You

"Real, raw and brutally honest, The Husband is an unflinching look at one man’s struggle with mental illness. Aaron Daniel Behr is one of those rare Christian authors who dares to explore the depths of depression while still clinging to hope in the end."

award-winning author of The Black Lens

"The Husband is a masterpiece of honesty, and a triumph of vulnerability. This tremendous book is a testimony to the power of sin, and a testimony to the redemptive love of an almighty God. You will read it in one sitting."

author of Sejal: The Walk for Water

This gripping novel will change you. If you read only one book this year, make it this one.

The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr